Starting a blog again

Well, it’s been a few years since I had a personal blog. Twitter has been my go-to place to drop random thoughts and rants since about 2009 or so. But since I was camping on like five domains and since I suspect people on the Tweetbox are getting bored with my daily updates on writing (“Querying, Day 36: Nothing important happened today”), voila! Here we are.

Next up, coming up with a creative title and tagline. Widgetizing. Etc. I can’t stand having an out-of-the-box theme. I see the ol’ WP Dashboard has added some eye candy since I was regularly blogging. Why It was a planet in a SF novel I was writing a few years ago. I used to have an old blog here waaaaay back in 2008. And, more importantly, I didn’t have to pay 15 more bucks for it.

I do not guarantee that this will be frequently updated.

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